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So this is a little ditty to explain my journal and who I am better.

I've been a fanfic writer for a while and so I have a lot of ideas floating around that sometimes get me a bit sidetracked.

My new love right now is vids though. I like it better than fanfic, but as I am new to vids aren't "spectacular"

Icons are the FARTHEST of my fortey. I have more trouble with them than anything else, which may sound odd to more experienced icon makers, but it's true for me.

So why even care about my stuff?
well, I have a different outlook on stuff...or so I've heard. My fanfic doesn't follow too many of the norms...again so I've been told.
So if your looking for something fresh, I'm right here.

I'd also love your feedback to help me become stronger in my work.

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