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Book Review: Twilight & Pre-Screen Movie Rant

Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer Book 1

Twilight: The best book out of the series as it should be. It’s the one that started it all. Millions were able to root themselves in the world of Bella Swan. Being a person who moved around a lot as a kid I only wish that one of my many moves had been to a place like Forks where I as the new girl could attract my own Edward Cullen, minus the complicated vampire stuff.
Meyer took what could have been a simple supernatural subject and made it a reality. These vampires could live and hunt among us. Bella’s awkward tendencies are the epitome of human.
Behind the characters is a vast story that intertwines these people’s fates. For a first time reader you will find yourself sucked in. Don’t expect to put this down easily. Even now as I reread it for the first time I am just as absorbed. I thought after the upsetting fourth book that I wouldn’t want to go back into Forks; however, good old Edward Cullen ‘dazzled’ me again.
I recommend that everyone at least read Twilight because it can be THAT book, meaning the book that keeps you from running to the television or the computer. A book to get people who don’t normally spend their time reading to come back to this art form.

As for the movie…
I am extremely excited for it. I think that it will do very well no matter what some critics say. Some think the film will suffer from the disappointment that fans faced with Breaking Dawn. From firsthand experience I now know that the fourth book could not possibly interfere with the fan’s opinion of Bella & Edward’s love affair. What better way to heal that wound then to go see the movie and see their first glances in the cafeteria or first appearance of Jacob Black come to life on the big screen.
Some fans do not like Robert as Edward, but I truly believe that he will win those haters over. Personally, I have always loved his work and I was thoroughly surprised and happy that he was stepping into Edward’s shoes. Robert and Kristen seem to convey the temperamental relationship with great ease.

Hate Robert as Edward? Think Breaking Dawn was amazing? Think BD could have been better? And how so? Let me know what you think in the comments section!
Also, any recommends for fans of this series? Maybe another vampire love story or something else>>>Go Comment!

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