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Liz Wyatt

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DA Ficlet [22 Oct 2009|12:03am]
[ mood | awake ]

after years of coming up with a few Dark Angel stories I finally posted one!
Yeah, and it took me one night to write. See how weird life works, you spend hours on multi-chapter things and then a simple ficlet ends up being the one you post.

Anywhoo deatils>>>

Losing My Mind
by Liz Wyatt (aka me)

Characters = Max, Alec, Mole
WARNING: a bit darker than usual M/A fics. Not quite romantic.


Reviews would be lovely as I would love to know if I have a 'voice' for Max or if I should never post a DA story again! Thanks!

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[12 Feb 2009|10:07am]
[ mood | optimistic ]

Hey I'm letting anyone who stumbles upon this page that I have uploaded my 13th chapter in the Spun story about Ryro and Rogue's journey after she's taken the cure.

Sooooo if you are at all interested I'd love more feedback as it always helps.

Chapter 1 (for beginners) http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4048293/1/Spun


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Movie Review: Blood Diamond DVD [07 Sep 2008|06:37am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Movie Review
Blood Diamond

Although I was on sight to see the cast filming in Africa two/three years ago, I did not see this movie until a few nights ago. I was in the midst of a “what to watch now” moment in which I desperately wanted to see something new for me. Blood Diamond happened to be there and I remembered seeing Leo & Jennifer filming it.
I didn’t know what to expect from this movie, but I was pleasantly surprised throughout the lengthy story. It was no as gore-filled as it could have been. This fact helped me to enjoy it even more. I wasn’t drawn to it for Leo’s bod in the hotel scene, but rather his character’s ability to appear nonchalant about his situation. In the end it took one simple man and an American journalist to change Danny Archer’s life. Jennifer Connelly’s role was not huge in the scheme of things, but she played an important part in the development of Archer. She ends up being his reason for living the right way. He seems to go through challenges where he could easily fall back on his old ways, but instead he chases after Solomon’s son, he steals the diamond only to release it in the end. He tries to do the right thing when he has not been brought up that way.
In the scene where Maddy and Danny are drinking and talking on the porch I swore that Archer would be trying to fool the journalist into a kiss or something, but his breakdown was real. The comfort in Maddy’s touch was real. If only, but then again as they say in the movie TIA and for Maddy and Danny it means, ‘in another life.’
All in all this film is breathtaking for the beauty of the scenery and actual land that was shot in the making. The cameraman work to make you feel your own heart race as the characters run from rebels and gunmen. The shot of Maddy eating in Cape Town when she receives the call is simply beautiful. There is so much going on around her, almost as if life continues to function in a civilized manner while all the insanity is going on a few countries away. Then of course the symbolism of Danny holding the sand is sweet enough.
The movie was important to understand the world that existed and in some parts of the world still does exist for these people. The message does not get lost in the movie, which could have been like so many other socially conscious ones of the past. I think the cast knew that this was an important story to tell as evident with the casting of Danny Archer. Leonardo Dicaprio picks (for the most part) movies that change people’s outlooks or ideas on a subject matter. That, or movies that impact someone’s life not just for a few hours, but even after the credits roll.
I say,
You should watch it if you missed it when it was out.

Agree? Or do you think the movie made no sense at all? Let me know what you think about Blood Diamond or any thing associated with this movie. Leave a comment.


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Book Review: Twilight & Pre-Screen Movie Rant [04 Sep 2008|07:54am]
[ mood | nerdy ]

Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer Book 1

Twilight: The best book out of the series as it should be. It’s the one that started it all. Millions were able to root themselves in the world of Bella Swan. Being a person who moved around a lot as a kid I only wish that one of my many moves had been to a place like Forks where I as the new girl could attract my own Edward Cullen, minus the complicated vampire stuff.
Meyer took what could have been a simple supernatural subject and made it a reality. These vampires could live and hunt among us. Bella’s awkward tendencies are the epitome of human.
Behind the characters is a vast story that intertwines these people’s fates. For a first time reader you will find yourself sucked in. Don’t expect to put this down easily. Even now as I reread it for the first time I am just as absorbed. I thought after the upsetting fourth book that I wouldn’t want to go back into Forks; however, good old Edward Cullen ‘dazzled’ me again.
I recommend that everyone at least read Twilight because it can be THAT book, meaning the book that keeps you from running to the television or the computer. A book to get people who don’t normally spend their time reading to come back to this art form.

As for the movie…
I am extremely excited for it. I think that it will do very well no matter what some critics say. Some think the film will suffer from the disappointment that fans faced with Breaking Dawn. From firsthand experience I now know that the fourth book could not possibly interfere with the fan’s opinion of Bella & Edward’s love affair. What better way to heal that wound then to go see the movie and see their first glances in the cafeteria or first appearance of Jacob Black come to life on the big screen.
Some fans do not like Robert as Edward, but I truly believe that he will win those haters over. Personally, I have always loved his work and I was thoroughly surprised and happy that he was stepping into Edward’s shoes. Robert and Kristen seem to convey the temperamental relationship with great ease.

Hate Robert as Edward? Think Breaking Dawn was amazing? Think BD could have been better? And how so? Let me know what you think in the comments section!
Also, any recommends for fans of this series? Maybe another vampire love story or something else>>>Go Comment!


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Fiction and more [15 Aug 2008|11:46pm]
It has been ages and ages since i updated, but I figured I should probably try this thing again.
I'm also on here to pimp out a X-men fic that I am writing called Spun which focuses mainly from Rogue's point of view. If you like Rogue or Pyro then you should check this one out.

I've always been a little scared to put out my fics in multiple places because it means I really have to produce good stuff and not draw it out for months and months. But with the loyal reviewers I've gotten I have felt the love and will to continue.

SOO go check it out on fanfiction.net and don't be afraid to comment.
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youtube suckage [29 Sep 2007|03:00pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Youtube has deleted my original account so I have created a new one in hopes of continuing my vids (at least temporarily) on that site. I am looking to change do downloadable vids, but that all depends on if I can create a logo to stamp all my current vids.

I know how much vid makers hate when people use their clips without permission and so I have only ever done that if necessary and WITH PERMISSION, so I want to ensure the same for my own work.

I am an understanding person. I get that copyright people want to protect their work. I would imagine that if I was a creator of a tv show I would want the same respect for my material, but some music artists are selfish in asking that anytime their song is used in an MV or a blog that it is being profitted from. They want money.

that is the sad truth.

everyone wants money.

so I propose that companies come up with better systems, rather than sueing everyone.

1. open a site or something that you have to pay a monthly fee to access clips and material and then somehow you post a passcode or something with your vid (like to make companies know you have permission)
-I understand this could be a tricky thing because people could in theory get around pass codes and everything...

2. allow certain shows or movies to be able to post MVs because they are NOT taking away from DVD sales (like people who post WHOLE episodes and movies online)

These are just a few ideas and yes I know they aren't really logical, but the point is that


so for now I'm weighing out my options

I'll keep you posted

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A rant [25 Jun 2007|07:56pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Been a while and YES I have been updating elsewhere...as in my account on youtube and believe it or not I am planning a comeback as a fic writer on ff.net
Two things I have seriously got to put more time into (not that I'm all that amazing at either) but I love to do them.

Rant Time
Veronica Mars ENDED! Gilmore Girls ENDED! Dark Angel is STILL gone! Sooo what does this all mean...

VM is officially history which is sad, but honestly Rob Thomas killed the show when he killed Lamb. Such good possibilities of a story line. So sad. Anyways I'm glad in a way because maybe we'll get a VM movie out of it, but anyways Kris Bell is going to be the voiceover for GOSSIP GIRL AKA the show that EVERYONE should watch this fall. Penn Badgley is wayyyyyyy too hot to let another one of his series pass you by. The creator of the OC will give you that good amount of drama and Penn will give you the sexy man...ness...
ON that note: Gossip Girl will be in OTH's timeslot for the fall, but don't be drawn away from Nathan, Lucas, and the whole gang. Maybe Leyton will die and Jeyton will return! Unlikely since Bryan Greenberg's show is still going strong. Ever think about the fact that BG's character on October Road is like the grown up version of what Mr. Lucas Scott, famous writer could have been. Hmm...
Anyways I love Chase and I hope that the writers bring him back into the OTH future. Stephen is seriously man hottness. "be gentle with me" - Chase.
Then there is the lonnnnng drawn out 7th season of Gilmore Girls that I really...refused to watch. I thought that this season would only make me lose my love for Rory and Lorelai and the whole stars hollow. Good thing too because now I'm uber invested in the belief that SOMEDAY Alexis Bledel WILL marry Milo Ventimiglia. They should just get past everything because honestly they were together for so long, neither has been dating anyone really (that we know of), and now Alexis doesn't have a crazy sched, so maybe she'll make time for the UNBELIEVABLELY amazing Milo.
I don't just say that because he is hot, but he seems like a genuine down to earth sort of type. I mean what actor on a big show like Heroes would let their friends videotape random videos of him doing strange things and then plaster them on youtube.com where the world can see them.
Which brings me to another point. Jensen Ackles, Milo Ventimiglia, Wentworth Miller, Aaron Stanford, and many other men that I fawn over are like 29-30's and I'm seriously not in that 5 year range of them so there is no hope for me in any day dream. Yet, the guys these days just seem to be getting sexier with age. Damn why can't a nice 22 year old be hotter than Jensen Ackles. I wonder...

The End.

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Introduction [05 Aug 2006|12:23pm]
[ mood | curious ]

So this is a little ditty to explain my journal and who I am better.

I've been a fanfic writer for a while and so I have a lot of ideas floating around that sometimes get me a bit sidetracked.

My new love right now is vids though. I like it better than fanfic, but as I am new to it...my vids aren't "spectacular"

Icons are the FARTHEST of my fortey. I have more trouble with them than anything else, which may sound odd to more experienced icon makers, but it's true for me.

So why even care about my stuff?
well, I have a different outlook on stuff...or so I've heard. My fanfic doesn't follow too many of the norms...again so I've been told.
So if your looking for something fresh, I'm right here.

I'd also love your feedback to help me become stronger in my work.


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